Kubernetes Certification Training introduces the advantages provided by containers over the virtual machines. With the rise of containerization in the world of DevOps, the need for a platform to effectively orchestrate these containers also grew. Kubernetes, a platform built by Google, steps into this space to help in automating the process of deployment, scaling and managing the containerized applications across the clusters.

After completing the training, you will be able to:
• Understand the basics of Kubernetes
• Understand the architecture of Kubernetes
• Install and Configure a cluster on bare metal machines
• Deploy any app (stateless and stateful) to the cluster and scale it manually or automatically
• Manage the state with deployments
• Understand about Services, Pods, Volumes, data and Ingress
• Know how to schedule applications on the containers
• Audit logs and troubleshoot the cluster
• Create federations to manage clusters
• Know the best security practices to follow