IoT Certification Training


What is IoT Certification Training?


Edutrickz’s IoT Certification Course is tailored by industry experts. You will be working on Raspberry Pi, Sense HAT and will gain hands-on experience with Azure IoT Hub and Alexa Voice. It will also cover in-depth concepts such as IoT Framework, IoT Ecosystem, IoT Solution architecture, Networking Protocols, and Application Layer protocols. This course will have real-life demo and case studies that will help you master IoT technology.

Why be IoT Certified?

  • A number of IoT-focused certificate programs and courses provide a fundamental underpinning for deploying connected technology.
  • When choosing a certification it’s important to consider the stability, longevity and commitment of its sponsor.
  • IoT certification programs range considerably in terms of focus, touching on everything from networking concerns to business considerations.

With projections for growth that beggar belief, the Internet of Things (IoT) has burst onto the business scene with vigor. In short, IoT is an active market, with opportunities aplenty.

A recent Economist story cited a prediction that the number of IoT devices should exceed 25 billion by 2025, up from 11 billion in 2019. With the continued proliferation of surveillance devices, digital doorbells, sensor networks, and a great deal more connected things there are billions of reasons why IT pros and other business professionals want and need to dig into this subject matter, pronto.

Modes of training:

  • Live Virtual Classes.
  • Self-Paced Recorded Lessons.